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Once they hitchhike into your home, German roaches generally develop in kitchens and bathrooms. During the day, these roaches may be
found hiding clustered behind baseboard moldings, pictures and clocks, in cracks around cabinets, closets or pantries, and in and under
stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers. German roaches do not like motion and usually avoid light, so if you are seeing them in the daytime
while you are moving about the room, you probably have a larger population than you realize. These pests also prefer to hide within five feet or
less of their food and water source.
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German cockroach females, unlike most other roaches, carry the egg capsule protruding from their abdomen until their capsules ready to
split open. During the last three or four days prior to dropping her egg case, the female German cockroach does not forage for food or water.
The case is then placed in a secluded location, with the nymphs emerging sometimes within the hour or as long as a week. A female may
produce four to six cases during her lifetime, each containing 30 to 40 eggs. Eggs hatch in 28 to 30 days, and nymphs develop in 40 to 125
days. Female roaches live about 200 days, with males living not quite as long. The German roach produces more eggs and has more
generations per year (three to four) than other roaches, and only a few individuals are needed to develop into troublesome infestations.
Cockroach the facts about your number one enemy and our speciality
Cockroaches are in fact  found everywhere in the world except the ice caps. We mostly think of
them as living in people's homes and scurrying out at night to scavenge for food. Although
they have a bad reputation as pests, in reality only about 12 species are pests to humans.
This is less than 2% of species of cockroaches. Some spend part of their lives in water. There
are roaches that live with ants, wasps, and termites also. Other roaches live in bat caves. A
few live in the desert.

However, most cockroaches live in warm, tropical habitats where they put their scavenging
skills to good use feeding on living and dead plant and animal material and have a positive
impact on their environment as they recycle.

They are everywhere in Spain due to the climate and are a real danger in food businesses
as they spread food born bacteria. The most common Cockroach found here is the German
Adult German cockroaches are light brown except for the shield behind the head
marked with two dark stripes, which run lengthwise on the body. Young roaches are
wingless and nearly black with a single light stripe running down the middle of the back,
and the adults are about 5/8 inch long.  German cockroaches, Blattella germanica (L.),
are the most common roaches found in houses and restaurants. Most cockroaches have
a flattened, oval shape, spiny legs, and long, filamentous antennae. Immature stages are
smaller, have undeveloped wings and resemble the adults. They eat food of all kinds and
may hitchhike into the house on egg cartons, soft drink cartons, sacks of potatoes or
onions, used furniture or appliances, beer cases, etc. Produce departments, pawn
shops, nursing homes and other such places are constantly fighting German roaches
(as a general rule) and are notorious for being the source of residential infestations
There are about 1,500 living rodent species. Most people are familiar with mice, rats,
hamsters, and guinea pigs, which are commonly kept as pets. The Rodent also includes
beavers, muskrats, porcupines, squirrels and many others.

The majority do not cause a problem to humans and we are usually never more than ten
meters from either a rat of a mouse where we live in harmony without even knowing they
are nearby. However when it come to business these little critters become our second
enemy especially in food businesses where they will spread bacteria and if unchecked
destroy valuable stock.  The secret to preventing rodent infestation is to make you
premises as pest secure as possible. If you can stop them getting in you will not have a
problem. Metal window screens, Metal skirting boards, door skirts, clean refuse free
At Bugbusters we use the latest gel which is Goliath (Firpronil) based.  Goliath controls target insects with a single feeding. It is effective in
the control of roaches and ants because both insects serve as carriers of the active ingredient to colonies. Cockroaches are coprophagous,
which means they eat their own feces and the feces of other roaches. They are also cannibalistic, which means they feed on each other.
After consuming a lethal dose of bait, cockroaches return to the colony where they excrete feces containing Goliath ( Fipronil ). As other
cockroaches consume the contaminated feces, they too receive a lethal dose. When the roach die, other roaches may consume their
carcass and die as well. Tests have documented that this can result in one cockroach causing the death of up to 50 other cockroaches and
that´s a fact. Bugbusters also use pheromone traps which attract the cockroach and trap them on the sticky surface.

Ants also will carry Goliath bait back to the colony where the larvae digest the solid bait and regurgitate it as a liquid to feed the queen(s)
and the rest of the colony. The delayed-action of Goliath works well with this behavior because it allows foraging workers to return to the
colony with the bait before they are killed.
Development is from the eggs laid by female flies, to larval stages, then to the pupal stage.
The adult fly emerges from the pupa, mates, and begins laying eggs.

Adults live for about 30 days, depending on the environment.  Adults of species active during
the day (house fly, blow flies, fruit flies) are usually attracted to UV lights, adults active at night
are less attracted to UV light. This should be considered when planning pest control
management as electronic controls do not attract some Flies.

Eggs are deposited directly on the food source of the larvae. Hatching occurs in 1-3 days, and
larval development is completed in 1-3 weeks. Larvae utilize a temporary food source, and
complete development while conditions remain suitable.
premises and a good pest control system will prevent rodents affecting your business.  If you have a rodent  problem find the entry point is
second on your list after calling Bugbusters.  Look for droppings and oily marks along shelving and skirting boards, look for boxes that have
been nibbled and sniff cupboards in cupboards as you will notice a strong smell of urine if you have a rodent problem.  Bugbusters use
traps and chemical control for rodents.
pest erradication control
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Flies are a major cause of food poisoning in the smaller commercial food premises. Flies cannot digest properly so they usually will pulp
food they land on by vomiting on it before we eat it and they are not fussy what they will eat, so keeping premises fly free is paramount to
good pest control.  The control of Flies must be ongoing in ALL food premises.  Preventing food contamination rather than eradication is
the key to good practice. You should ensure food preparation areas have screens on all windows plus electronic Fly killers.
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