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A Short History of Albir
Like many towns on the Costa Blanca Albir was a fortified town to protect it´s inhabitants from
pirates.  The old fort has long since disappeared and the town now hosts new inhabitants from
all over Northern Europe, in fact the foreign population is now larger than the Spanish
Nationals population.  Albir is part of Alfaz del Pi and gained it´s independence in 1836 from the
Baron of Polop.  

The original population made a living form mineral extraction and agriculture but the population
shrunk to a few hundred as long periods of drought could not support the growing population in
the late 18th century.  Signs of early agriculture can still be seen on the terraces that lay on
hillsides on the edge of the town which have lay uncultivated for the best part of a century.  

Today due to the mass tourism which begun in the 1960´s the town boasts a large Dutch
population which makes up the largest percentage of foreign residents. Albir is well worth a day
trip to enjoy the quiet beaches and tree lined streets where you will find a great mix of
restaurants and terrace bars like Hepburn´s.

Live life unhurried in historic Albir - Enjoy.
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