House Special E 4.00
Ham E 4.00
Cheese E 4.00
Tuna mayo E 4.00
Prawn E 4.50

Jacket Potatoes
Plain E 3.00
Beans, Cheese, Coleslaw E 3.50
Beans and Cheese E 3.50
Cheese and Onion E 3.50
Tuna Mayo E 3.50
Chefs Chilli E 3.95

Rumours House Specialities
Sliced chicken breast Fillet
With Chips and Peas or Salad E 5.50

Grilled Pork Loin
With Chips and Peas or Salad E 5.50

Steak in Red Wine Sauce
With Chips and Peas E 6.50

Chefs Chilli Con Carne
With Rice or Chips E 5.95

Home Cooked Chicken Curry
With Rice or Chips E 5.95

Hamburger E 3.50
Cheeseburger E 4.00
Add 50c with Chips

Omlette Plain E 3.00
Omlette With Cheese E 3.50
With Salad or chips E 3.75

Minute steak with Chips and Peas E 5.95

Cheese and Onion Quiche
With Chips or Salad E 4.00

Poached Hake With Chips and Peas E 5.50
Full English Breakfast (served all day)
Bacon, Egg, Sausage, Tomato,
Mushrooms, & beans
Served with Toast, Orange Juice and Tea
or coffee
E 4.95

Light Breakfast (served all day)
Scrambled Egg, Bacon Beans or Tomato
Toast, Orange Juice, Tea or Coffee
E 3.50
Scrambled Egg or Beans on Toast
E 2.75

Toasted Sandwiches
Ham or Cheese E 2.50
Ham and Cheese E 2.75
Bacon E 2.75
Cheese and Onion E 2.75
Bacon and Cheese E 2.90
Cheese and bacon Club E 4.00

Served on Soft White, Wholemeal, Baps
or French
Add 50c for Baps and French
Ham or Cheese E 2.50
Bacon or Sausage E 2.75
Hot Grilled Chicken E 2.90
Hot Pork E 2.90
Prawn E 3.00
Minute Steak E 3.50
Salad with above 50c

Portion of chips E 1.00

Toasted Tea Cake E 1.00
Assorted Cakes and Gateaux E 1.50
Drinks Selection
Tea (pot per person) E 1.00
Fresh from the bean Coffee E 1.10
Large coffee E 1.60

Beer -Draught Estrella Gallicia
E 2.00 per pint E 1.00 half

Bottled Budweiser
Bottled Coronita
Strongbow Cider
E 2.50

Spirits With Mixer
Whisky, Bacardi, Vodka, Gin
E 3.50
Jack Daniels E 4.50
Tia Maria, Cointreau E 3.00
Dry Martini E 2.00
Malibu E 2.50

House Wines by the glass E 1.20

Fruit schnapps E 1.20

Pure Fruit Juices E 1.75
Tomato Juice E 1.75
Pepsi / Pepsi Light E 1.50
Kas Orange / Lemon E 1.50
Mineral Water E 1.00
Rumours Café Bar
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