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Our cookies are tiny friendly text file containing a litle bite of magical information. All websites transfer cookies to your computer for things like record keeping purposes and they allow us to analyse our site traffic patterns and better serve you with stuff that might interest you each time you pop along to our website.

We do not collect personal data directly from this website, ever, we respect our visitors privacy to much!

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Our cookies contain zero calories, zero chocolate chips, you cannot bite into them, and there is no special jar of cookies hiding anywhere. Your computer cannot get sick or become allergic nor stop working by eating our cookies and they do not contain anything in the recipe that can identify you personally. Our travel partners use cookies to enable them to do things like track sales and make their website work better for you each time you visit them.
We hope you are happy and enjoy comparing prices and booking your next Benidorm hotel, holiday or flight with one of our travel partners. Happy Benidorm holiday huntng!

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